Friday, 24 July 2009

a prerecorded sound track into the street

take a prerecorded sound track into the street anything you want to put out on the sublim eire

a popular man around the office

record your boss and co-workers analyze their associational patterns learn to imitate their voices oh you be a popular man around the office but not easy to compete with the usual procedure record their body sounds from concealed mikes the rhythm of breathing the movements of after-lunch intestines the beating of hearts now impose your own body sounds and become the breathing word and the beating heart of that organization become that organization the invisible brothers are invading present time

Thursday, 23 July 2009

to make riot gear (police) in cardboard and tape...

to make riot gear (police) in cardboard and tape and then try to provoke a riot.
(make sure to dress in black)
to create tomorrow’s news based on yesterday’s news (burroughs)
(video workshop)
to collect unused toys and bring them to an orphanage.
(bring to kiev)
to celebrate x-mas or new years in September.
to make two fights: one greenpeace beating up a biker and vice versa
Get 5 musicians and 5 non-musicians together and get them to make an improvisation using Tintin in Tibet as a score.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Info & Credits

The Invisible Generation is a project by William S. Burroughs filtered through time and Daniele Balit and Per Hüttner.

Projects by: Yan Jun / Mark Geffriaud / Juan Pedro Fabra, Michele Masucci and Loulou Cherinet / Natasha Rosling / Per Hüttner / Michael Yuen / John Phillips and Matt Hope / Hu Xiangqian / Nadège Maïon / Jean-François Robardet / Yang ZhiFei.

Organized by: Vision Forum in collaboration with VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery and Satellite in Melbourne, Les Kurbas Centre in Kiev, CPU 798 in Beijing and OCAT in Shenzhen.

Main sponsor: Linköpings universitet

Supporting institutions: French Embassy in Australia, French Embassy in Kiev, Swedish Embassy in Beijing Swedish Embassy in Kiev, The Consulate of Sweden in Guangzhou.
Special thanks to: Frac Île de France