Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Info & Credits

The Invisible Generation is a project by William S. Burroughs filtered through time and Daniele Balit and Per Hüttner.

Projects by: Yan Jun / Mark Geffriaud / Juan Pedro Fabra, Michele Masucci and Loulou Cherinet / Natasha Rosling / Per Hüttner / Michael Yuen / John Phillips and Matt Hope / Hu Xiangqian / Nadège Maïon / Jean-François Robardet / Yang ZhiFei.

Organized by: Vision Forum in collaboration with VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery and Satellite in Melbourne, Les Kurbas Centre in Kiev, CPU 798 in Beijing and OCAT in Shenzhen.

Main sponsor: Linköpings universitet

Supporting institutions: French Embassy in Australia, French Embassy in Kiev, Swedish Embassy in Beijing Swedish Embassy in Kiev, The Consulate of Sweden in Guangzhou.
Special thanks to: Frac Île de France