Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Greatest Hits' video excerpt montage

Video excerpt montage from videos featured in 'The Invisible Generation', by Greatest Hits.
Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne. Australia. 19/09/09 - 10/10/09.

Check out other nice pics about Greatest Hits' display and video, on their web site:

Monday, 12 October 2009

TIG installation shots

Images from the exhibtion at the VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery
Including the archive of instructions, with display and video-enactments made by Greatest Hits.

And the following works:

Do Not Go Gentle Court by Per Hüttner.

Polka Dot by Mark Geffriaud. 

More images about TIG Melbourne

Friday, 9 October 2009

Start to blast

Start to blast: the idea of becoming better at something by purely
beginning. Practice is key and a skill can only can be realised by
starting your path toward it. Even this ideology can be applied (and
has been) to something as draining, exerting, physical and intense as
playing blast beats or fast on drums.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Telephone Dance

Telephone Dance is a choreography transferred over the phone.
The phone numbers of four choreographers have been put on the wall of the Margaret Lawrence Gallery in Melbourne. Viewers are invited to sms one of the numbers. In turn a choreographer will call them back and during a two minute phone call lead them through a choreography.


By: Jessyka Watson-Galbraith with Bianca Martin, Deborah Robertson and Aimee Smith. Initiated by USERNAME, an independent curatorial collective based in Stockholm and part of the project Deep Inside.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Yan Jun: Stetoschope performance

Performances and interventions in Melbourne

Including Calibi Yau 'viral' texts by Per Huttner and Jean-François Robardet's "pregnant" instructions enacted by Nat Thomas, Kylie Wilknson and Morgan Fayle

more documentation

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


+ Select 5 to 6 smal quicktime videos--!friends/youtube/dvd"------- that include
+Open a video editor program and add the videos into the sequence, overlaying one
in top of the other
+You’ll end up with 6 stereo sound layers layers
+For each videolayer -!cut/crop/loop/erase"- segments of the footage, so that the
video layers can be revealed in one way or another.
+Render audio tracks and export as an mp3/aiff.
+Export a still of the footage as a jpeg.
+Import the sound file to your music player and add the still image as an album cover
+Play in loop mode, LOUD through headphones or speakers as often as you want,
now you your first sound single with artwork ready to go!


Performers have to decide of a place which is going to be a platform for talk, in front of the gallery or not. Performers are wearing fake bellies as if they are pregnant; they make it the way they want.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Atheist Door Knock

Use the Jehovah’s Witness method of door to door visits to convert people to Atheism.

-Dress nice and add a simple name badge
-Partner up (some home owners are dangerous to rationale)
-Knock on ten doors of a street and if someone is home, politely

“Hello. Sorry to disturb you, but we were wondering if you
had some time to discuss the non-existence of any god?”

-If refused entry, please apologize to the Homeowner for time inconvenienced and mention at that at NO TIME was insult offered. Make haste to leave.

The Tangiers meal William S. Burroughs would have had if indeed he felt like eating

a meal for 15-30 with options for meat eaters

1 : yoghurt dip

1 litre of yoghurt
(strained in cloth for 2 hours-not necessary but well worth it)
2 cucumbers finely cut and drained
2 garlic cloves
½ cup of mint
rind of one lemon (adds something else)

mix together and allow 1 hour (minimum) to marinate

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

This is a happening

-performance for two or more bodies, preferably young artist's bodies
-performance for people that want to experience how hard it can be to be a young artist, and how the gallerists can have strange reactions

Instructions for The Stethoscope Project

Project A (amplified version)

technical ride:
2 x modified stethoscope
2 x self made pre-amplifier
2 x balance audio cable (into mixer)
1 x small mixer
2 x audio cable (out from mixer)
2 (or more if needed) x speaker
2 x DV camera
2 x light
2 x chair
2 x video cable
2 x projector + screen (or LCD or anything else)

2 rooms / spaces (one for performance, one for screening)

Accept all invitations...

For a time decided by yourself, and keeping your intentions a secret,
accept all invitations you receive. Say yes to
everything. Follow up all requests, honour all dates and agree to all

In the event of a double booking, honour the original invitation first and
attempt to make the second one just after.
You’ll work it out. No excuses should be tolerated.

The process shouldn’t be documented, and should be a disruption to your
normal state of affairs.

3 Instructions to Make Your Life Useless

1, Name the first fly you meet this week with your friend’s name. Then talk with it.

2, Listen to the sounds on your pillow as if you were listening to a concert while you sleep. Pay your pillow if necessary.

3, Find the best resonance position for a sneeze in your home. Make a small label for it.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Eat the spoon that feeds you

mix your favourite cereal with glucose, honey & cinnamon (optional)
fashion the mix into a spoon
leave it in the fridge overnight
eat your breakfast with your breakfast spoon
eat the spoon 

Saturday, 12 September 2009

A space

The instruction is to invite / instruct eight people to capture what is for them the most characteristic essence of a space.

Two people are asked to represent the space via image.

Two people are asked to describe the space aurally - which, if so desired, can happen in a performative way - of which a sound recording is made available.

Two people are asked to describe the space in written text, the length of which fits on 1 page A4.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Work on your smile.

Work on your smile.

Try out a natural way of whitening your teeth.

Remember one of my nan’s saying about burnt food, ‘oh it’s like charcoal, it’s good for your teeth.’

Take it a step further and think of other dark solid stuff. Go find some coal.

Drive to Hazelwood Power station in the La Trobe Valley, Victoria or your closest coal fired power station, perhaps even a coal mine.

Laoban Speaker Workshop

Laoban Speaker Workshop + Overlap Salon Melbourne – Jon Phillips

Laoban Speaker Workshop is a small hands-on session dedicated to making custom Xiaoban speakers from local materials in Melbourne, combined with Laoban speaker drivers. The emphasis in this event is not just on technology, but on the use of these speakers through “realtime” performance, pre-programmed audio pieces by Yan Jun (China), and throughout The Invisible Generation event for Vision Forum.

The Laoban Speaker Workshop is at the Faculty of the VCA and Music, School of Art Auditorium from noon until 6 PM on Saturday, September 12.

We will be creating custom open speakers using available materials from Creative Commons licensed plans and instructions.
Overlap Salon Melbourne on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Loop, 6-8.30pm 23 Meyers Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000, (03) 9654 0500

Further information about the Workshop and Salon can be found at or please call the gallery on 9685 9400:



http://rejon.org and http://fabricatorz.com

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Good News

(click on the images to read the text)

re-write this poem for Australia now

re-write this poem for Australia now
   AmericaAllen Ginsberg

America I've given you all and now I'm nothing.
America two dollars and twenty-seven cents January 17, 1956.
I can't stand my own mind.
America when will we end the human war?
Go fuck yourself with your atom bomb
I don't feel good don't bother me.

riot recordings

put a thousand young recorders with riot recordings

into the street that mutter gets louder and louder

You Are The Corrupt

1) All volunteers get on the same carriage of the metro at the same time,
but act as if they
are all independent, and therefore act as if they are
unaware of each other, sitting and standing in different parts
of the same
carriage. They never acknowledge each other, never talk to each other, or
even pay too much attention
to each other.

2) Everyone settles down, and wait 5 to 10 minutes.

Casting without a mould

Mix elements that have a hard but beautiful time with eachother.
Floating tin and water is one example.   
At the edges where the elements meet there will be new worlds.  
These beautiful worlds can be used for:
Looking into universe  
Looking out in universe


 (part 1)

While nobody sneezes around you, think of nice things and behave as happy;
If somebody sneezes around you, think of bad things, look depressed and talk about sad subjects;

If somebody sneezes again, think of nice things and behave as happy again;
Go on as long as you want, modifying your behaviour (happy vs sad) every time somebody sneezes;

on a sheet of paper make a drawing with colour pencils

on a sheet of paper make a drawing with colour pencils

on a sheet of paper describe with words a full-colour drawing

on a sheet of paper describe with words a full-colour drawing

on a sheet of paper trace with your finger an invisible full-colour drawing

on a sheet of paper trace with your finger an invisible full-colour drawing

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

transient state

Korean monks and tea masters choose to associate these images to describe the boiling water during the preparation of tea ceremony. As you know, the water drops change different states during the boiling process.

Every temperature let the bubbles assume a new form, each ones comparable to a specific animal eye. This method aim to fix an ephemeral vision, freezing a temporary status in classify forms.

If there's a transient state in your everyday to be teached, please feel free to interpretate this method as you want.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Likely future office

Likely future office

Invite a department which the department you are currently affiliated with
should / should not conduct a merger with in the future.

Give this department a carefully selected fortune cookie formula that your
and this other department should follow closely: Each department must
bake a number of cookies equal to three time the number of employees in
the other department. Mix and bake all the fortune cookies at the same time
and in the same kitchen. In which kitchen, in your or theirs, is optional.

Each employee at both departments must - on a small piece of paper - write
3 fortunes that address three imaginary employees in the another department.
All fortunes are to be about a common future. Place one piece of paper in
each cookie before baked.

Eat fortune cookies along with the other department, while they are fresh;
you eat their, they eat your.

Share all expenses.

Comes with a(n image of) a cookie. As attached in the e-mail in which this
text was sent.
The collected contribution/work is under the Creative Commons 'Attribution-
Noncommercial-Share Alike'
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

eccentricity, for a prime number of people between 7 and 21

assemble a prime number of people together in a large, open public space.

each participant should find a branch that has fallen from a tree by natural means.

the length of the branch should easily touch the ground while walking.

each person is invited to walk in a circle while dragging the branch behind them.

there should as many differently sized circles as there are persons participating.

each person should walk at a pace that they find comfortable.

close attention should be paid to the sound of the branch dragging while walking.

the duration of the piece, as well as the manner of beginning and ending should be decided by group consensus prior to starting the piece.

the pace of walking, the number of rotations, and the sound of branch dragging should be an active decision on the part of the individual participant.

should any participant encounter a pedestrian about to cross their path, they should carefully pause to let them pass and resume when they are clear of their trajectory.

these actions should be matter-of-fact, carefree, and open.

the public is welcomed to join or participate in any manner they desire.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Show your anger!

People, who are prepared to risk, sacrifice their freedom and their physical safety because of an idea, are always dangerous to a society.

The artist, musician and poet, Genesis P-Orridge, describes William S. Burroughs position in the society in the independent documentary film “William S. Burroughs: A Man Within”.


Write those words on a gallery wall, facade of an abandon building, or wooden boards mounted on threes in a forest or city park. Prepare a bunch of small stones or soft bolls soaked in red color or charcoal or crayon or gun. Invite people to come and exercise. They should focus on the word(s) that makes them feel angry, uncomfortable, or anxious and hit it as hard as they can until exhaustion. The created visual statistic should be documented at the end of the exercise.


score for turntables, cd players and mixer - do a live sound dripping in a Pollock style using records and cds of the mentionned musicians.


score for piano - chose significant short melodic parts from Barry White and White Stripes songs - play them randomly in a Robert Barry spirit.

one / two ideas

Whenever in the next few days you're watching a movie,
and someone you see a personage reminds you strongly of someone you 
watch carefully, study a part of the role that the personage plays.
Contact the person you know, and ask him or her to re-interpret
the personage. (It should not look silly though)

You can record the event, and repeat the process with other movies,
different scenes, different personages. Put them together to make
a new imaginary story. project.

So you can either stage the scenes with your acquaintances,
or project your video.

The important element of this project is that the power comes from
the emotional resemblance between original and re-interpreter,
and thus could be purely visual, or only audio…

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Call for contribution -The Invisible Generation

The Invisible Generation (TIG) is the title for a series of contemporary art interventions organized by Vision Forum and inspired by texts by American writer William S. Burroughs. The project will primarily be made up of unannounced performance-based interventions in the public space in Beijing, Melbourne, Shenzhen and Kiev.
A large number of interventions will be introduced at TIG Anti-Hospital hosted at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery in Melbourne in September 2009. The actions take their starting point in an experimental and evolutive exhibition made up of various constituent elements including two installations: a new site specific work by Per Hüttner and Polka Dot by Mark Geffriaud.

To contribute to TIG Archive
We are looking for instructions that can be part of TIG Archive presented at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery in Melbourne. TIG archive is a collection of artistic documents providing instructions on performances, workshops and actions to be realized primarily in the public space and in an everyday context. The instructions should be formulated as possible actions, performances, temporary artworks, objects and social situations, scores and sonic interventions proposed by absent artists and realized by local artists, non-artists and the visitors the gallery. Instructions also include Burroughs's own suggestions that can re-interpreted and re-enacted by visitors to the gallery.

The instructions can take many forms: texts, drawings, mp3s, videos or other images or sounds. 

They can be an instruction for a performance, a workshop or a temporary artwork. They can equally take the any form of score (music, theatre or re-enactment), description of an infiltration in media or public space or simply ideas for social situations. All submitted instructions will be displayed in the gallery and we will try to realize as many as possible. We encourage instructions that are inspiring and collaborative, i.e. instructions that leave room for the person realizing it to use their own creativity. What we explore with this project is a shared and even undefined authorship between you and the person carrying out the instructions.

Please send your instructions via FAX, PDF email attachment, audio file, or snail mail. 
Deadline: August 31.

TIG Anti-Hospital Archive will be presented in different forms throughout the other cities of the project, and will also be the source for future configurations and new collaborations.


The Invisible Generation: a project by William S. Burroughs filtered through time and Daniele Balit and Per Hüttner.
September - November 2009

Projects by: Yan Jun / Mark Geffriaud / Juan Pedro Fabra, Michele Masucci and Loulou Cherinet / Natasha Rosling / Per Hüttner / Michael Yuen / Jon Phillips and Matt Hope / Hu Xiangqian / Nadège Maïon / Jean-François Robardet / Yang ZhiFei.

Organized by: Vision Forum in collaboration with VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery and Satellite in Melbourne, Les Kourbas Centre in Kiev,

CPU 798 in Beijing and OCAT in Shenzhen (confirmed), the Arrow factory and Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing (confirmation pending).

contact :

Saturday, 29 August 2009

William S Burroughs / Art Auction Action Guidelines

William S Burroughs/ Art Auction Action Guidelines
nat thomas

Ever been to an art auction?
Conjure the vibe of William S Burroughs, and attend one.
Aim to upset the accepted order of proceedings.
Choose a branded Auction firm, and preferably a night when large yield product is going under the hammer. Disregard Provenance and create your own.
Utilize one or a variety of strategies to achieve your goal.
Your goal is to create an atmosphere of mayhem and eventual contemplation.
Preparation- maybe your thing, but impromptu has its place.
Enlist the help of a gaggle of mottled family or friends (safety in numbers plus folk to share the experience with).
Create a persona to inhabit for the Auction, - scan the breadth of Burroughs’ own life for inspiration.
Brainstorm with your crew- be specific (Ginsberg, Kerouac, Joan Burroughs: all ripe for character interpretation), or more general- ‘Doctors and Nurses’, or the ‘Exterminator and the Housewife’; ‘CIA spy and Informant’ are the more obvious choices and could have their place.
Attempting to inhabit a skin other than your own, may help with the courage needed to actualize your plan.
Also, use drugs (recreational or prescription, alcohol). Be moderate before Auction, then top up in the toilets. Smoke.
Register for a ‘paddle’ before you get to the Auction. Or not. But the Action will have more impact if economic implications ensue.

Easy ways to upset a commercial Art Auction:
Talk loudly, but timing is all.
Stay seated and orderly until a particularly ‘important’ (expensive) artwork or object is under the hammer. Patiently, patiently, catch the monkey. Tension is rising in the room.
RECITE sections of Burroughs ‘Junkie’ to assembled crowd. When the security guards cart you out of the venue, don’t resist the ejection. Stay calm and keep reading.
OR stand on your chair. Stand tall and proud, in an old man hat and overcoat. Think of William. His life, the writing and readings, THE VOICE, the extremes.
Think of withering William Burroughs.
And your audience will note you

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Buddhist Swastika

( www.ordigami.net)

Friday, 21 August 2009

For Monitoring Purposes

Please follow these instructions, complete the form and return it to the gallery staff.

We will not pass your details to any third party although by signing below you agree to your comments’ public display and use and thereby sign away copyright for your responses, and also the associated intellectual property to The Invisible Generation Anti-Hospital Archive.

1. Choose an instruction or set of instructions from the range available in the exhibition

Artist / author if known: __________________________________________
Title: ________________________________________________________

2. Think of a way of carrying out your chosen instructions wrongly. Or think of several ways. You may use the back of the sheet for notes.

3. Choose one wrong way of carrying out the instructions, and perform it. Please describe what you did and / or any observations:____________________________________________________

4. What made it wrong?: _______________________________________________________

5. Did anyone see you? Yes / No

6. Do you feel: (please delete as applicable): Guilty / elated / annoyed / furtive / inspired / indifferent / other (please describe) ________________________________________________________

7. Sign here: __________________________________ Date: __________________________

8. Personal details (optional):

If you complete this section we will e-mail you a link to a summary of the wrongly completed instructions.

Name: __________________ E-mail address: _______________________

9. Sit quietly and think about what you have done.

Thank you and have a nice day. Please visit again soon.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Moon of Victoria*

1. Print out the word VICTORIA in the middle of a piece of paper. Lay the print flat and trace the lower half of the letter O in form of a crescent with a knife.

Turn over the print and flip the cut-out over.

*Victoria, not the Queen whose name has been ubiquitous in Hong Kong, a. k. a. Nana who married William Moon who died in Normandy during the Second World War not long after their wedding, is a fictional character in the BBC TV soap opera EastEnders but deceased in 2005, remaining unknown to most Hongkongers.

Performance for global networks

1. Produce time by standing doing nothing on a sunny day.

2. Take pictures of the shadows you are casting with your mobile phone camera at some interval.

3. Browse swiftly to animate the images.

4. Create a soundtrack in your mobile phone music dj, or record the ambience of the place you are at,
or simply whistle while browsing.

5.Exchange messages with your global networkers in different time zones (both images and tunes) ,
save them in your mobile phone on the memory stick. Browse anew.

6. For final production put all material into your computer, convert the files (get a trial version of some converter),
edit and export. Project on the walls of some corporation (producing polluting kinds of energy).

Find someone you trust and practice telepathy with them...

Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples: The Telepathy Project

Find someone you trust and practice telepathy with them.

  1. Trusted person
  2. Quiet place
  3. 5 minutes
  4.  Drawing implement and paper
  1. Find your trusted person.
  2. Find a quiet space and some spare time.
  3. Designate one of you as the 'sender' and one of you as the
  4. Sender attempts to send an image to the receiver
    telepathically for five minutes.
  5. Receiver attempts to receive this telepathic image and draw
    it on the paper.
  6. Swap roles and repeat as many times as desired.

(This could be customized for the gallery space by providing a
table with two chairs, paper, pencil and clock. The telepathic
drawings created by the receiver, and a brief note from the sender
describing what was sent, could then be stuck on wall or in a book
to be viewed by gallery visitors)


Friday, 24 July 2009

a prerecorded sound track into the street

take a prerecorded sound track into the street anything you want to put out on the sublim eire

a popular man around the office

record your boss and co-workers analyze their associational patterns learn to imitate their voices oh you be a popular man around the office but not easy to compete with the usual procedure record their body sounds from concealed mikes the rhythm of breathing the movements of after-lunch intestines the beating of hearts now impose your own body sounds and become the breathing word and the beating heart of that organization become that organization the invisible brothers are invading present time

Thursday, 23 July 2009

to make riot gear (police) in cardboard and tape...

to make riot gear (police) in cardboard and tape and then try to provoke a riot.
(make sure to dress in black)
to create tomorrow’s news based on yesterday’s news (burroughs)
(video workshop)
to collect unused toys and bring them to an orphanage.
(bring to kiev)
to celebrate x-mas or new years in September.
to make two fights: one greenpeace beating up a biker and vice versa
Get 5 musicians and 5 non-musicians together and get them to make an improvisation using Tintin in Tibet as a score.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Info & Credits

The Invisible Generation is a project by William S. Burroughs filtered through time and Daniele Balit and Per Hüttner.

Projects by: Yan Jun / Mark Geffriaud / Juan Pedro Fabra, Michele Masucci and Loulou Cherinet / Natasha Rosling / Per Hüttner / Michael Yuen / John Phillips and Matt Hope / Hu Xiangqian / Nadège Maïon / Jean-François Robardet / Yang ZhiFei.

Organized by: Vision Forum in collaboration with VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery and Satellite in Melbourne, Les Kurbas Centre in Kiev, CPU 798 in Beijing and OCAT in Shenzhen.

Main sponsor: Linköpings universitet

Supporting institutions: French Embassy in Australia, French Embassy in Kiev, Swedish Embassy in Beijing Swedish Embassy in Kiev, The Consulate of Sweden in Guangzhou.
Special thanks to: Frac Île de France

Saturday, 20 June 2009


vfprog [at] gmail [dot] com