Tuesday, 1 September 2009

eccentricity, for a prime number of people between 7 and 21

assemble a prime number of people together in a large, open public space.

each participant should find a branch that has fallen from a tree by natural means.

the length of the branch should easily touch the ground while walking.

each person is invited to walk in a circle while dragging the branch behind them.

there should as many differently sized circles as there are persons participating.

each person should walk at a pace that they find comfortable.

close attention should be paid to the sound of the branch dragging while walking.

the duration of the piece, as well as the manner of beginning and ending should be decided by group consensus prior to starting the piece.

the pace of walking, the number of rotations, and the sound of branch dragging should be an active decision on the part of the individual participant.

should any participant encounter a pedestrian about to cross their path, they should carefully pause to let them pass and resume when they are clear of their trajectory.

these actions should be matter-of-fact, carefree, and open.

the public is welcomed to join or participate in any manner they desire.