Monday, 21 September 2009

Atheist Door Knock

Use the Jehovah’s Witness method of door to door visits to convert people to Atheism.

-Dress nice and add a simple name badge
-Partner up (some home owners are dangerous to rationale)
-Knock on ten doors of a street and if someone is home, politely

“Hello. Sorry to disturb you, but we were wondering if you
had some time to discuss the non-existence of any god?”

-If refused entry, please apologize to the Homeowner for time inconvenienced and mention at that at NO TIME was insult offered. Make haste to leave.

-Make haste from any premises where the Homeowner starts walking out of the Home and lecturing you on any known organized religion. Boring vitriol and possible violence against your person is stupid, silly and highly probable.
They are the chosen ones and you must beware of them.

-If admitted to the home, discuss the following points:

a)Religious faith perpetuates our inhumanity to each other. The Middle East crisis is tragedy. It is also theologically based violence and war, over a holy Mountain. Political gain through religious belief and yearning for ownership of the shared holy place insures a constant religious influence on Middle Eastern politics.

b)Moderate believers passively keep a global cycle of violence constant. They do not obey their Holy Book verbatim; ignoring their god’s literal word, yet harbour a hazy belief system that embraces and perpetuates organized religions. They will not wear a bomb, but will turn a blind eye to the actions of martyrs in the name of their god. Crazy, they will say.

c)Organized religions have control of nuclear warheads through
a variety of Governments. Movements such as the End if Days millennial Christians, prophesy a welcome apocalypse and the return of Jesus.
Hindu and Muslim governments are theologically opposed and share the India/Pakistan border. Both governments have nuclear capability.
Unlike a secular body, these groups have belief systems riddled with good, evil, paradise and intolerance of non-believers, surely clouding what reason exists when in charge of such potential destruction.

d)Recommend writers on Atheism: Richard Dawkins,
Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris.

e) All organized religions squash Female rights. Women of Islam
wear burquas, Hindi women marry at 11, catholic women
stay pregnant and without birth control and some Pentacostal
mothers must refuse life saving blood products for their
children. It is rare for any church to have senior female
members in its hierarchy.

f)Thank your Homeowner. Finish your cups of tea and leave. Don’t be a wanker and bang on.

Tally up your refusals with your sit downs and hopefully one in ten has given you time of day to try and remind people of Humanism and make them aware of the stupidity of a popular legitimized invisible friend.

Morgan Fayle.