Saturday, 5 September 2009

Likely future office

Likely future office

Invite a department which the department you are currently affiliated with
should / should not conduct a merger with in the future.

Give this department a carefully selected fortune cookie formula that your
and this other department should follow closely: Each department must
bake a number of cookies equal to three time the number of employees in
the other department. Mix and bake all the fortune cookies at the same time
and in the same kitchen. In which kitchen, in your or theirs, is optional.

Each employee at both departments must - on a small piece of paper - write
3 fortunes that address three imaginary employees in the another department.
All fortunes are to be about a common future. Place one piece of paper in
each cookie before baked.

Eat fortune cookies along with the other department, while they are fresh;
you eat their, they eat your.

Share all expenses.

Comes with a(n image of) a cookie. As attached in the e-mail in which this
text was sent.
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Noncommercial-Share Alike'