Friday, 11 September 2009

Work on your smile.

Work on your smile.

Try out a natural way of whitening your teeth.

Remember one of my nan’s saying about burnt food, ‘oh it’s like charcoal, it’s good for your teeth.’

Take it a step further and think of other dark solid stuff. Go find some coal.

Drive to Hazelwood Power station in the La Trobe Valley, Victoria or your closest coal fired power station, perhaps even a coal mine.

If you can only find brown coal that will suffice for the exercise.

Sit down in front of the entrance of the fire station, or anywhere comfortable that you might at some stage face someone.

Take 2 pieces of coal, about the size of a 20 cent Australian coin. Rub one up and down your teeth, as if brushing your teeth. Once you have built up some saliva and crunchiness in your mouth, try the other piece. Alternate pieces until you get a sense of rhythm. Go with it.

There will be a stage perhaps that you feel that’s enough, saturation point. Or maybe it feels really dry.

Check the level of grit in your mouth. And smile as wide as you can. Try and get someone to smile back at you.

sept 11, 2009