Thursday, 10 September 2009

You Are The Corrupt

1) All volunteers get on the same carriage of the metro at the same time,
but act as if they
are all independent, and therefore act as if they are
unaware of each other, sitting and standing in different parts
of the same
carriage. They never acknowledge each other, never talk to each other, or
even pay too much attention
to each other.

2) Everyone settles down, and wait 5 to 10 minutes.

3) Suddenly, one person points at one
of the volunteers and shouts angrily
‘you are the corrupt one!’ He or she continues to point and
shout at
the same person, saying the same line or a variation of the same.

4) After maybe 20 seconds, another person
points at the 1st person and
calls him/her ‘you are the corrupt one.’

5) Soon, more and more people join in,
accusing each other of corrpution,
so fingers are now pointing everywhere.

6) This continues until all
volunteers are involved.

7) When most people are involved, suddenly, everyone stops shouting and
pointing and
resume their normal behaviour, or whatever they were doing
before – looking at nothing, being bored, reading their
magazine, etc

8) No one laughs, no one congratulates each other, no one clap hands, no
one looks at each

9) Bit by bit, people get off the train, not all at the same station and
not all at the same

10) End


- The action is akin to that of a ‘Flashmob’ with the difference of
being much more co-ordinated and pre-meditated. Please read the following
for research into

- All volunteers involved need to be well
organised, co-ordinated, committed
and serious about their involvement.

- The above instructions have been
created for Shenzhen, so
you may want to make adaptations for local context.