Sunday, 30 August 2009

Call for contribution -The Invisible Generation

The Invisible Generation (TIG) is the title for a series of contemporary art interventions organized by Vision Forum and inspired by texts by American writer William S. Burroughs. The project will primarily be made up of unannounced performance-based interventions in the public space in Beijing, Melbourne, Shenzhen and Kiev.
A large number of interventions will be introduced at TIG Anti-Hospital hosted at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery in Melbourne in September 2009. The actions take their starting point in an experimental and evolutive exhibition made up of various constituent elements including two installations: a new site specific work by Per Hüttner and Polka Dot by Mark Geffriaud.

To contribute to TIG Archive
We are looking for instructions that can be part of TIG Archive presented at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery in Melbourne. TIG archive is a collection of artistic documents providing instructions on performances, workshops and actions to be realized primarily in the public space and in an everyday context. The instructions should be formulated as possible actions, performances, temporary artworks, objects and social situations, scores and sonic interventions proposed by absent artists and realized by local artists, non-artists and the visitors the gallery. Instructions also include Burroughs's own suggestions that can re-interpreted and re-enacted by visitors to the gallery.

The instructions can take many forms: texts, drawings, mp3s, videos or other images or sounds. 

They can be an instruction for a performance, a workshop or a temporary artwork. They can equally take the any form of score (music, theatre or re-enactment), description of an infiltration in media or public space or simply ideas for social situations. All submitted instructions will be displayed in the gallery and we will try to realize as many as possible. We encourage instructions that are inspiring and collaborative, i.e. instructions that leave room for the person realizing it to use their own creativity. What we explore with this project is a shared and even undefined authorship between you and the person carrying out the instructions.

Please send your instructions via FAX, PDF email attachment, audio file, or snail mail. 
Deadline: August 31.

TIG Anti-Hospital Archive will be presented in different forms throughout the other cities of the project, and will also be the source for future configurations and new collaborations.


The Invisible Generation: a project by William S. Burroughs filtered through time and Daniele Balit and Per Hüttner.
September - November 2009

Projects by: Yan Jun / Mark Geffriaud / Juan Pedro Fabra, Michele Masucci and Loulou Cherinet / Natasha Rosling / Per Hüttner / Michael Yuen / Jon Phillips and Matt Hope / Hu Xiangqian / Nadège Maïon / Jean-François Robardet / Yang ZhiFei.

Organized by: Vision Forum in collaboration with VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery and Satellite in Melbourne, Les Kourbas Centre in Kiev,

CPU 798 in Beijing and OCAT in Shenzhen (confirmed), the Arrow factory and Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing (confirmation pending).

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