Thursday, 20 August 2009

Find someone you trust and practice telepathy with them...

Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples: The Telepathy Project

Find someone you trust and practice telepathy with them.

  1. Trusted person
  2. Quiet place
  3. 5 minutes
  4.  Drawing implement and paper
  1. Find your trusted person.
  2. Find a quiet space and some spare time.
  3. Designate one of you as the 'sender' and one of you as the
  4. Sender attempts to send an image to the receiver
    telepathically for five minutes.
  5. Receiver attempts to receive this telepathic image and draw
    it on the paper.
  6. Swap roles and repeat as many times as desired.

(This could be customized for the gallery space by providing a
table with two chairs, paper, pencil and clock. The telepathic
drawings created by the receiver, and a brief note from the sender
describing what was sent, could then be stuck on wall or in a book
to be viewed by gallery visitors)